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Neighborhood Security Update
Posted on Apr 21st, 2016

Neighborhood Security Update
HPD Reports 
Substantial Arrests Made Regarding 
Previous Theft by Deception Incident(s) Reported 
District 7 (East Oahu)
District 7 (along with other districts within HPD) experienced series involving theft from senior victims.  
The mode of operation was that female suspect(s), claiming to be pregnant, would approach a residence and use deception (ask to either use the phone or the bathroom) to gain entry into the dwelling.
Upon being invited into the residence the female suspect would covertly remove valuable items (purses / jewelry) from the residence.
HPD Community Policing Team Update
Good Afternoon District 7 NSWs,
          We have some GOOD NEWS regarding the “Distraction Burglaries” recently taking place throughout.  What I am describing is the local female pretending to be pregnant and asking either for a glass of water or to use the restroom.
          Two (2) substantial Arrests made, regarding these incidents reported.
We wish for you all to continue to be vigilant and NOT let any stranger(s) IN your home.  Please CALL 9-1-1, should you observe any type of criminal activity to get a Beat Officer there to investigate.
THANK YOU ALL for your continued support and dedication in safeguarding YOUR neighborhoods!!!!
If anyone sees anything suspicious DIAL 911 and report to Police.  
Be A Good Friend and Neighbor
Report ALL suspicious activity to Police
DIAL 911
Your report may be the only information received by Police
to help solve a case for a crime 
that may have occurred to your friend & neighbor
next door or down the street.


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